An Extra Day in Camp

Written by Kayaker Chip on . Posted in The Erie Canal

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I decided to stay at the campground for a second night. I spent the extra day around camp emptying out the kayak completely as two of my hatches did take on a slight bit of water when I rolled and fell in the other day. All my gear was dry bagged so it wasn’t too big a deal. Things are neat and tidy again. I also used the time to setup the GoalZero solar panel and recharge batteries until the afternoon when clouds rolled in. I laid out all my food and planned out meals for tomorrow, separating it from the full cache. It should make stopping for a lunch and snacks quicker (read: actually happen). Looking at maps and resources again I also noted my options for campsites for the next couple days, since I covered extra miles yesterday the previous stopping points I had planned wouldn’t work anymore. I should still be set for Fairport and my sister-in-laws house mid week or sooner. That will be right around the 100 mile mark! If I’m lucky I should be able to stop at a brewpub each of the next three days. Wish me luck getting back down the rip-rap-rocks and into the boat first thing tomorrow!