Camp Night One, Paddle Day Three

Written by Kayaker Chip on . Posted in The Erie Canal 10 Comments

Slept pretty good last night. No one, human or otherwise bothered me. Woke up at 7am to pouring rain, fog sweeping through the canal with a 7mph headwind. So I’ve been taking my time breaking camp, making breakfast and loading the boat back up. I tossed a small handful of blueberries from my yard that were dehydrated into some oatmeal and then attempted some potato pancakes while the berries rehydrated. Pancakes never really browned, but I did forget to pack some cooking oil and water wasn’t cutting it. I’ll try to grab some in the next town. And coffee. I guess I managed to consume my first weeks supply on the drive out from Oregon. I don’t normally drink it, unless I’m camping because my buddy Jon usually hands me a cup. It’s now a Pavlovian thing I guess. Rain has stopped for a bit and the winds should change to a tailwind in a few hours. Should still be good for my next stopping point even with the late start. I’m guessing I still won’t see many folks today even though it’s the weekend. Anyone looking to walk the tow path headed east from Middleport is welcome to chat me up. :-D