Holley Canal Park

Written by Kayaker Chip on . Posted in The Erie Canal

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It’s cool out and there is a slight wind but overall the skies above are sunny and clear. I didn’t have any trouble getting Sally and myself down the rocks and back into the water outside the RV park this morning. A quick four miles so far this morning and I’ve made it to the little town of Holley. There is another lift-bridge to pass under here. The feel and appearance of this town fits with the experience I was imagining much of the canal to be. A slower pace of life. Just a quaint little place. There are docks for the motorized variety of boats, but there is also a lower dock for canoe and kayak travelers. The low dock doesn’t seem to get used much other than by the geese and ducks, and they certainly don’t clean up after themselves! Once out of the boat I find myself in a small park with a gazebo, a pond and fountain. Along the wall where other vessels can moor up there are posts with water and electric. Signs nearby indicate that there is a campground and that one should inquire with the lift operator for details, interesting that it doesn’t show up on the states list of resources? A packet boat came by so I captured the bridge in action then went over and chatted with the operator about the area. He indicated just down the canal, about a quarter mile from the bridge there was another small park with campsites, fire rings, picnic shelters, showers and a waterfall. The falls are about forty feet high and actually man-made, but supposedly very scenic. They were built when the last enlargement of the canal happened, around 1913 and spill from a diversion weir. After passing through the park the run-off eventually makes its way into the East Branch of Sandy Creek. I should have gone over for a visit, maybe someday I’ll get the chance to come back and do more exploring. I had a packet of tuna for a snack and then made some phone calls about finding a place to stay for tonight. There should be a brewpub in four more miles. If there is a place to get out of the canal I’ll stop in for a pint.