Tugboats and Tummy Troubles

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The tugboat in this shot is the “Dewitt Clinton”, I passed it near the Adam’s Basin Liftbridge. Clinton was Governor and Senator for the state of NY as well as Mayor of NYC. He ran for president in 1812 against James Madison but narrowly lost. He was also responsible for making the Erie Canal project happen nearly 189 years ago.

I made it to that brewpub yesterday. The building was situated adjacent to a lift bridge, the dock suitable for kayaks was a few hundred yards away. Just like the one in Holley it was used by geese and ducks and quite a mess. I roped up Sally and walked her closer to the pub before roping her up, luckily there weren’t any other boats moored up along the wall otherwise I would have had to leave her quite unattended. Very few of the on-top selection were brewed in house, I gave their white IPA a try and a burger. Lunch was good, but very filling. My shrinking stomach wasn’t used to that much food.

For my overnight I had called ahead to a nearby golf course on the recommendation of a friend. The owners were relatively new and great people and said it would be ok for me to stay the night. They offered me space in a pavilion and use of a fire pit. I declined the “indoor” accommodations and setup my tent right on a lagoon that sat between the canal and their property. I met some of the staff including the groundskeeper and asked if it would be ok if I used the bathroom in the pro-shop before they closed up for the evening, that burger really wasn’t sitting well with me and I figured some civilized amenities would be better then digging cat-holes on the property. However I wasn’t warned ahead of time that the toilets weren’t operating correctly, let’s just say I ended up mopping and bleaching the floors before heading back to my tent. Since I didn’t want to upset my stomach anymore I skipped the dinner I had planned and just went to bed.

I made it through the night without any more tummy troubles. Since I didn’t eat dinner, I also neglected to separate and pack today’s food for quick access. My next stop was in Spencerport, it was a nice little town with a lift bridge and similar quaint feel like the town of Holley. I’d walked around a bit but everything seemed to be closed this early in the morning. I ate a packet of tuna and was on my way.

If I cover the miles I’m thinking today, I should make it through two more locks, #33 and #32, which means I’ve completed the longest lock-less stretch of the canal and for the remained of the trip there will be many more that I pass through on a daily basis. The lift bridge here in Spencerport is also the second last, with the one in the town of Fairport being the last on my eastward journey.